I. Have. Returned.

Oooooooh boy!

It has been a very, very long time since I could access this site, and I have missed it. Ironically, my very last post was about resolving to post more!! But literally a day or two later? My personal computer committed suicide, frying itself. And the work computer filters out wordpress sites, so…

But I have returned to the world of computer ownership! So I should be able to get back on track with posting about upcoming stories, and exploring what Australian writers, artists and other really cool creative people do!


Workloads and Resolutions

It has been a hectic couple of weeks in the far north Queensland, hence the lack of posts. But while I was absent from this online world, I was still typing away furiously. Diary of a Genius has been completed, in is in the hands of some of the best proofreaders around. At the rate they’re reading, we might even have it released before the June/July holiday period I’d anticipated. 

As for this site, the aim was to highlight fiction written by Australians, superhero and adventure, so in the next few weeks as I take a break from actual writing, I will be adding some more content to this site, to make it a lot more interesting than my infrequent “YAAY! I’VE WRITTEN MORE WORDS INTO MY BOOKS (AND HERE’S SOME ART FROM MY COLLEAGUES)”.

I intend to reach out to other Australian writers, sharing them and their works, review Australian authors, look at how the  comic-book industry affects us here, and basically bring worlds of adventure that have been hidden, out into the light. 

See you soon!

(Picture source: verydemotivational.com. Creator Unknown)


Tomorrow’s Heroes

In recognition of the lack of posts while we wait for Diary of a Genius to finish, I have decided to post a single chapter of upcoming anthology Patriotic. This book will feature a different main character each chapter, and this is the second chapter: Higher Education. In this chapter we meet some of the characters from an upcoming novel I literally cannot wait to write, about a training camp for young superheroes. Stay tuned for art for this project from the always incredible Adam Duncan.

Higher Education

The Hero of St. Theodore


The Costumed Crusader of St. Theodore

Today a special treat: a portrait of American Eagle, the hero of my first story. This portrait was drawn by Adam Duncan, co-worker, friend and as you can tell: extraordinarily talented artist.

I am extremely lucky in that I am able to work with such incredible people as Mr. Duncan and my go-to cover artist Benjamin Keirnan, because they are helping my hobby of bringing superheroes to life to look really, really good.

To commission artwork from Adam, go to http://www.artbyadam.com.au

Villainy Is Coming…

Refined. Brilliant. Criminal. Coming Soon.

Refined. Brilliant. Criminal. Coming Soon.

Coming June/July this year…

The second book in the Legends and Legacies Universe is on it’s way, and this time, everything’s different.

Diary of a Genius tells the story of The Sovereign, a genius criminal with the resources, the ruthlessness and the intelligence to set the world on fire, and lead it into the new millennium under his banner… if he can just get out of the single greatest supercriminal prison in the world….

Image from Benjamin Keirnan, BIE. Designed the cover of Legacy: The Tale of the American Eagle, and has made innumerable contributions to the development of the story

Origin Story

Welcome to the first post of Legends and Legacies, the blog about superhero and adventure fiction written in Australia!

My name is David Kachel, and I have written and self-published a superhero novel called “Legacy: The Tale of the American Eagle.”

It tells the tale of American Eagle, a non-powered crimefighter from the city of St. Theodore, who suffers a great loss in the war on drugs. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, the costumed crusader journeys the world, aiming to destroy this poison at the source. But he is going up against powerful people, people with a vision for the future that doesn’t include his kind. And American Eagle gets caught up in a conspiracy to alter the future of all mankind..

It is the first book in my hopefully-ever-expanding Legends and Legacies Universe, and is available online from Lulu (the self-publishing site) and Amazon. (Links below)



For those of you who like to try before you buy, a link to the first edition content on Metahuman Press is below.


Metahuman Press is the cause of all of this, a site that began by publishing superhero fiction in serialised form online, and has expanded to produce novels, graphic novels, anthologies and ebooks under the helm of editor Nicholas Ahlehelm. I cannot plug this man enough, as his contributions to the world of creator-owned fiction is immense and he is a damned good writer too.

So read the first edition of my first book, then buy a copy online. An ebook version will be coming soon, and all paid versions include extra edited content and a bonus Christmas chapter, a poem co-written with Adam Duncan (another name sure to be mentioned frequently on this site.)

This post is a look back into the past, the origins of Legends and Legacies, but check in soon for what’s to come, because it’s going to be a big year…